About Club Aviva, the Facility, and our Programs

Club Aviva offers a 14,000 sq ft gymnastics facility.  All of our programs are instructed by certified gymnastics coaches.  All of our coaches require at least Level 1 NCCP technical gymnastics certification; this however has not stopped many of our coaches from furthering their skills by obtaining up to Level 4 technical gymnastics, Level 4 technical trampoline, and the Preschool Coaching Certification Program (PCCP) certificates.  All of our coaches are certified in Standard First Aid and CPR C.

Our History

Club Aviva's programs are under the direct supervision of Vivien Symington.  Vivien is a graduate of Queens University where she completed her B.A./B.pH.E.  She went on to study in the M.Sc. Program at Dalhousie University.  Vivien was a faculty member both at Queens and Dalhousie and was responsible for the gymnastics courses.  Vivien minored in Adaptive Physical Education and has worked extensively on developing motor skill acquisition programs for children.  Each program is designed to emphasize movement education, which develops confidence and competence in each participant.
In 1985 Vivien saw an opportunity to change the way that gymnastics was taught.  By developing her own programs that develop competence and confidence in all athletes, Vivien founded Club Aviva.  Since 1986, following the curriculum designed by Vivien, Club Aviva has had a long history of providing high quality gymnastics lessons to athletes of all ages and skill levels.
Since opening, Club Aviva has expanded to a school of 1000 registered gymnasts in recreational and competitive programs and over 23,000 other users throughout the year (as of 2007).  Club Aviva also offers competitive programs that train both provincial and national level athletes.  Club Aviva will continue to develop their recreational programs to aid their students in developing motor skills.  Club Aviva is also continually developing new programs to meet the needs of a variety of athletes with special needs.

Our programs

Our programs were developed by Vivien Symington, the owner of Club Aviva. Each program is designed to emphasize movement education, which develops confidence and competence in each participant. Since our beginning in 1985, Club Aviva has grown to a club with over 800 students enrolled this year and we are proud to offer top notch recreational and competitive gymnastics programs for people of all ages.  On top of our gymnastics programs Club Aviva offers outstanding PartiesDrop-In programsField Trips, and Special Education programs.  Club Aviva also offers camps during Spring Break and Summer vacations.

Our facilities

Our facilities include an in-ground foam pit, in-ground trampolines, in-ground 30 ft TumbleTrak and three above-ground trampolines.  We also offer all of the traditional gymnastics apparatus including bars, beams, vault, as well as a double-mini trampolines and an 80 ft rod floor for trampoline gymnastics, and a variety of smaller scale equipment for preschool gymnastics. Club Aviva has two large party rooms for your party needs and is capable of accommodating parties of over 40 children.
Club Aviva also has a 9-strip fiberglass AAI floor, 2 x 84' runways for vault and double-mini, and an SA Sport vault. Our bar area was also redone a few years ago with Space Maximizers and new cabling.
As of September 2013, Club Aviva will have a renovated foam cube pit, with reinforced supports and brand new foam pieces.