Class Information

Club Aviva offers a wide range of classes for athletes of all ages. Click the Find A Class button to look through the current list of available programs. For more information on any of the classes click the More Details button next to the class.

FALL SESSION 2024 (Sept. 4, 2024- January 21, 2024)
First & Last Class for FALL
Saturday classes - First Class: Sept 7th, Holidays : Dec. 28 & Jan 4th, Last class : Jan. 18th
Sunday classes  -  First Class: Sept 8th, Holidays : Dec. 29 & Jan 5th, Last class : Jan. 19th
Monday classes  - First Class: Sept 9th, Holidays : Sept. 30, Oct. 14, Nov 11 & Dec. 30, Last class : Jan. 27th
Tuesday classes - First Class: Sept 10th, Holidays : Dec. 24 & Dec 31, Last class : Jan. 21st
Wednesday classes -  First Class: Sept 4th, Holidays : Dec. 25 & Jan 1st, Last classJan. 15th
Thursday classes - First Class: Sept 5th, Holidays : Dec. 26 & Jan 2st, Last class : Jan. 16th
Friday classes - First Class: Sept 6th, Holidays : Dec. 27 & Jan 3rd, Last class : Jan. 17th



*Please note: Start dates are different than registration confirmation emails because of how holidays affect the class schedule this session. All students receive 18 classes regardless of day of the week. Monday Classes will only have 17 classes
Please see our calendar for Holiday's. 


  • Please ensure that you wear gym attire, (t-shirt and shorts) and have hair tied back.
  • Please bring a water bottle 
  • On rainy days please remove your shoes at the door and carry them to your cubby
  • Please remember to stay home if you or a family member is unwell to keep everyone safe. Participants who are ill (cold, flu, lice & pink eye) must stay home.

If a participant becomes ill or appears ill during their class, they will be isolated with a mask and the parent/guardian will be contacted for immediate pick up. 

  • Spectators are permitted in our facility
  • Dynamic Duo/Little Leapers are permitted 1 parent/chaperone in the gym. It is preferred to have the same chaperone each week.
  • Registration Periods

Please use the Customer Portal to complete your registration. Registration for Summer is May 1st. Registration for the Fall session opens on June 15 for current customers and July 1st for new customers.

Class Offerings

Club Aviva offers a wide variety of programs. Please find your child's age, if they are a beginner they will start in the first level for their age group. (Example: 5 year-old child who has never done gymnastics before will start in Tumble Tyke 1)

If your child is not a beginner and you are unsure of what level or program they should go in, you can call the office.


Availability and Registration

We offer classes for three sessions each year: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Our Fall session runs from from September to January (5 months), the Spring session from February to June (5 months), and the Summer session for July and August.

Typically, registration for the Fall session opens in June, registration for the Spring session opens in December, and registration for the Summer session opens in May. We usually accept new registrations for the first two months of a session and will always prorate the session cost for late registrants. 

Registration is available online and in-person at the Club Aviva office. All online registrations require payment in full but in-person registrations for one of our five-month sessions have the option to setup a payment plan. If you are doing monthly payment, please come in to the office the sign a form and one month payment is due when you register.

Fall 2024 Pricing

All of our classes are priced per session based on the number of hours per week.

Weekly Length Session Cost
45 minutes $384.5 / 18 weeks
1 hour $466 / 18 weeks
1.5 hours $654 / 18 weeks
2 hours $814.5 / 18 weeks
2.5 hours $955.5 / 18 weeks
3 hours $1070 / 18 weeks

All prices include GST.


A Club Aviva membership is required for all class participants. GBC Memberships are $42 annually (Sept 1 – Aug 31) and Club Aviva membership $18 (Sept 1 – Aug 31) with this membership will cover Gymnastics BC insurance, 10% off Club Aviva merchandise, priority registration and 10% discount on camps.



Junior Provincial Gymnaestrada Team

Gymnaestrada is an amalgamation of gymnastics, acro, dance, and most of all: FUN!

Gymnaestrada is a unique form of participation in gymnastics by anyone of any age or skill level. Its main focus is on mass participation and performance in gymnastics. The goals of Gymnaestrada are to promote and encourage the growth of Gymnastics for All, inspire and encourage joy in exercise and to demonstrate the development of the participants.

Provincial Gymnaestrada is held annually each spring, and is the largest recreational gymnastics event in British Columbia. Offering workshops, performance opportunities and fun, it is a two event attended by 500 or more participants from throughout B.C. Additionally, groups from other provinces have been known to participate in this special event.

Joining the Junior or Senior Provincial Gymnaestrada Team is a January-June Commitment, with mandatory weekly classes, and mandatory performances. 


  • Class Times: 
  • Junior Gymnaestrada: Saturday's 4pm-5pm
  • Senior Gymnaestrada: Saturday's 5pm-6pm
  • Registration Opens December 2nd at 9am.
  • Start Date: Saturday January 11th
  • End Date: TBD Based on Teddy Bear Picnic date. Around middle of June. 
  • Price Approximates:
  • Performance Entrance Fee $160
  • Costume Fee: Junior: $90 Senior: $150
  • Class Fee: $450 Tax Included

Junior Gymnaestrada Class Information

Junior Gymnaestrada is for everyone! Participants will learn group dance, musicality, partner and trio lifts and tricks, and showcase their tumbling abilities! Participants must be 7 years old by December 31st, 2024, and are recommended to be Youth 3, Youth 4, Pre Teen 2, Pre Teen 3, Teen 1, Teen 2, T&T 2, T&T 3, or Performance because of the intermediate level skills we will be performing. Check out our 2024 Gymnaestrada Routine! 

Senior Gymnasestrada Class Information

Senior Gymnaestrada is returning for the 2025 season! Back by popular demand is our Senior Gymnaestrada group! This is an advanced group of athletes who are currently or formally enrolled in a competitive program at Club Aviva or have been invited from previous Gymnaestrada seasons. These participants will learn advanced choreography and story-telling, partner and group lifts, and advanced tumbling/flexibility. This class is by invite only, invitations will be sent out in September 2024.

Every 4 years, Western, National, and World Gymnaestrada is held. The World Gymnaestrada event happened  in 2023 in Amsterdam.  We plan on hopefully going to future World Gymnaestradas! The next World Gymnaestrada is in Lisbon Portugal in 2027! The event is absolutely life-changing. It is a wonderful festival that demonstrates the vitality and versatility of all disciplines of gymnastics. It is a huge movement in Europe that promotes Gymnastics for All and Gymnastics for Life. It is supported by the Federation of International Gymnastics. Performances range from young kids with grandparents, to Cirque du Soleil professional performances, and everything in between.