Trampoline Gymnastics

About Trampoline Gymnastics (TG)

Trampoline gymnastics involves 4 events, Individual Trampoline, Synchronized Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline & Power Tumbling.  Athletes are not required to train all 4 events and often don’t.  Many athletes specialize in their preferred event allowing them to achieve a higher level of performance.  The ability to specialize and the lower volume of training allows athletes to reach their athletic peak later than they would in Artistic Gymnastics.  Many elite athletes reach their peak in adulthood.  Excellent air sense (being comfortable upside down and twisting in the air), confidence and physical fitness are qualities found in TG athletes.

Athletes in this sport compete in B.C. throughout the year.  Provincial level athletes can also travel throughout western Canada (B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba) to attend Western Canadian Championships. National athletes in Trampoline Gymnastics may have the opportunity to travel anywhere across Canada as well as internationally.

Head Coach - Jake Maxim

Jake is the Head Coach of the Trampoline & Tumbling program at Club Aviva, and oversees this program using his 10+ years of coaching experience. He is NCCP Level 3 Trampoline certified, and is currently working towards his NCCP Level 4 certification.

Jake is deeply involved in the trampoline community as the Coaching Chair of BC, holding that title since 2018.

He has attended Canadian Nationals as the Team BC Coach consistently since 2017 and has represented Canada since 2019 across the world in Japan, Portugal and Bulgaria.

In addition to his coaching certification, Jake is a certified National judge in Trampoline, Double Mini, and Tumbling.

Lauren Ensworth

Lauren has been coaching Competitive Trampoline & Tumbling for more than 4 years. She trained at Club Aviva and coached recreation gymnastics for 14 years. She is NCCP Level 3 Trampoline certified.
Lauren earned her degree in kinesiology at UBC, she also won the 2009 Pacific Championship for Tumbling.

Krista MacGregor

Krista coaches Trampoline & Tumbling athletes in levels 1-4 as well as pre-competitive TG. She trained at Club Aviva since she was 5 years old and retired in 2020 to coach competitive gymnastics. She is also a certified judge in Double Mini, Tumbling, and Trampoline. She is passionate about coaching and hopes that every athlete has a positive and meaningful experience at Club Aviva



Trampoline Gymnastics at Club Aviva

Trampoline Gymnastics is an on-going program at Club Aviva lead by Head Coach Jake Maxim. The Club Aviva TG Team have maintained a strong program for over 10 years with many accomplishments.  Highlights include numerous provincial champions, team Canada members, podium finishes at the national level and an 11th place finish at the World Championships by Tiana Hesmert (Club Aviva Double Mini Trampoline athlete) in 2014. Our athletes train 7 to 20 hours a week in order to develop their skills and prepare for several competitions each year. Some of the events attended by Club Aviva athletes include Provincial Championships, Western Canadian Championships, Canadian Championships, Pan American Championships and World Championships!

Competitive athletes in Club Aviva's TG program train in a 14,000 square foot facility featuring 5 Olympic trampolines, 2 double mini trampolines & a "rod floor" power tumbling floor.  Club Aviva’s athletes also benefit from access to an in-ground foam pit, in-ground TumblTrak & 4 point bungee system with twisting harnesses for skill development. For more information check out our Facility and Program Information.

About Each Event

Individual Trampoline

Athletes perform routines consisting of 10 skills connected in a series (no intermittent bounces).  Skills must not be repeated in the same routine.  Execution Judges evaluate how well the skills are performed and DD Judges evaluate the degree of difficulty by adding up the number of flips and twists performed.  National level athletes are timed throughout their routine to establish “Time of flight” which creates incentive to bounce as high as possible adding to the excitement of this event! 


Synchronized Trampoline

A team of 2 athletes perform routines of 10 skills connected in a series similar to individual trampoline.  Both athletes must do the same 10 skills in unison.  Athletes are evaluated on how synchronized the routines are! 


Power Tumbling

Athletes perform a series of skills (typically 8 skills in each pass) on an 84’ long tumbling floor.  The tumbling floor is sprung using fiber glass rods as opposed to springs used in Artistic Gymnastics increasing an athlete’s possible amplitude. Execution Judges evaluate how well the skills are performed and DD Judges evaluate the degree of difficulty by adding up the number of flips and twists performed.


Double Mini Trampoline

Athletes perform 2 skills in a series. The Double Mini Trampoline is narrower than a typical trampoline which increases the amount of precision athletes must demonstrate during a pass. Execution Judges evaluate how well the skills are performed and how well the athlete lands each pass.  DD Judges evaluate the degree of difficulty by adding up the number of flips and twists performed.  Athletes must demonstrate 4 different passes which means Double Mini Trampoline athletes are typically very versatile acrobats!


World Trampoline Championships 2023

FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships 2023 

Brooklyn Lee-McMeeken wins Gold!!!
With two incredible passes Brooklyn becomes the 13-14 Double Mini World Champion!  We are so proud of you Brooklyn, congratulations!

Birmingham England at the World Age Group Championships!

Here are todays results: 
Club Aviva World Age Group Championships Results Highlights
DMT 13-14 Women
1st place – Brooklyn Lee-McMeeken
7th place – Jayda Jean-Louis
27th place – Hayden Good
DMT 17-21 Women
22nd place – Mia Frohnsdorf
26th place – Kayla Howell
DMT 17-21 Men
28th place – Matt Dykman
Tumbling 17-21 Women
13th place – Kayla Howell
Trampoline Individual 13-14 Women
28th place – Brooklyn Lee-McMeeken
35th place – Hayden Good
Synchronized Trampoline 13-14 Women
10th place – Hayden Good & Brooklyn Lee-McMeeken
Synchronized Trampoline 15-16 Women
17th place – Jayda Jean-Louis & Sofia Wright 





This event will be 3rd trial event for selection to Team BC Western Canada Cup and Canadian Championships.
Categories: Trampoline / DMT / TU Provincial and national levels, Synchro – national levels only

Mar. 1-3, 2024
Pine Tree Community Centre
1260 Pintree Way, Coquitlam, BC V3V7Z4
Registration Coming Soon!