Women's Artistic

About Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)

Women's Artistic Gymnastics is a challenging sport that demands strength, power, flexibility, agility, and courage. Combine all these with technical creativity. When these elements are mastered the athletes performances appear effortless and riveting to watch! Athlete and parent commitment are vital to the success of this program.
The girls compete on four apparatus - vault, bars, beam, and floor with competitions spread throughout the year. Provincial level athletes compete locally while National levels will enjoy traveling across Canada and abroad.

Women's Artistic at Club Aviva

Philosophy for the Developing Gymnast:
The Club Aviva competitive program strives to take each competitive athlete to his or her maximum potential regardless of level (Junior Olympic, National or High Performance).
We believe in strong fundamental gymnastics as the core base for all levels.
We firmly believe through proper technique and basics our members will achieve every level in which they aspire.
Club Aviva believes in setting reasonable and achievable goals for the overall program and each individual within.
Club Aviva aspires to promote both strong bodies and strong minds neither at the expense of the other.
Club Aviva serves as a guide of its members. We believe each athlete is an individual and may make his or her own path.
We believe our balanced approach will take our athletes to new heights both inside the gymnasium and beyond.
One of our main objectives is for our members to define Gymnastics as an integral part of their development as athletes and individuals. We hope our members discover their training and competitive experiences at Club Aviva were positive, challenging, spirit building and fun.
We want our communities and athletes to look back and say they were proud to be a part of the Club Aviva Competitive Program.
Club Aviva strives to be the best at each level, with the ultimate goal of representation of their province or country. 

Club Aviva's Artistic Team

Head Coach - Nancy Beyer

Nancy Beyer is a Level 4 certified Artistic coach and level 3 and 4 course conductor. She has over 20 years of coaching experience at all levels, coaching athletes representing Team Canada including 1999 World Championships and 2000 Olympic Games, as well as other international events.  Nancy also consults for Gymnastics B.C. and Gymnastics Canada, and is the creator of the Gymstart program in B.C. Nancy has been a stable part of our program since 2003.

Marc Crippen

Marc Crippen has been coaching gymnastics for over 16 years. He is a Level 3 certified Artistic coach and has extensive experience at international level tumbling. He was Team Coach for Canada at the 2005 and 2007 Tramp and Tumbling World Championships and the Pan American Games coach in 2008. Marc joined Club Aviva's competitive team in the summer of 2009.    

2020 Bursary Recipients

We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the award recipients of the Syminton Endowment Fund;
for their hard work and a job well done.
 Artistic - Left: Athena Hutchinson & Right: Sophia Patterson
Trampoline: Centre: Jasmine Parhar 
We would like to wish the award recipients best of luck in their future training