Club Aviva reserves the right to adjust program times, dates and instructors as required without notice.

Club Aviva reserves the right to cancel any program for any reason without notice. Refunds will be given for cancelled programs, which have been cancelled by Club Aviva, only if other arrangements cannot be agreed upon.

Club Aviva does not offer make up classes or credits for missed classes.

Club Aviva reserves the right to refuse service at any time, without refund, to participants who disregard gym guidelines and safety regulations. (Please refer to our Rules of Conduct and Rules of the Gym)

Club Aviva provides partial refunds in accordance to the Refund Policy on the back of our Refund Request Form. All refunds require a completed Refund Request Form.

Please note: If a session is cancelled due to inclement weather, Club Aviva will attempt to reschedule, where possible. However, should the session be cancelled and is unable to be rescheduled, a refund or credit for that session will not be given