Empowering Steps COVID-19 Survey

Dear Empowering Steps Families,

As September is quickly approaching, we wanted to take some time to reach out and see what programs we should be offering in the fall. Under Phase 3 of BC's Restart Plan, there are a number of restrictions in place including:

  • Maximum of 50 people in the facility (including coaches, admin staff, and athletes)
  • No spectators
  • Separate entrance from the other business in the building
  • Screening questions before entering
  • Coaches will be wearing masks
  • Increased cleaning

Given these restrictions, the programming we will be offering will be different from what we have offered in the past. For more information on the new restrictions, feel free to check out our COVID-19 Safety Plan

That said, this comes at an exciting time for Empowering Steps as we welcome a registered Speech and Language Pathologist, a new Occupational Therapist and welcome back our Music Therapist! With this terrific team coming together alongside our experienced Behavioural Interventionists and Movement Therapists, our fall offerings will also reflect the addition of the following programming:

  • Occupational Therapy Life Skills groups
  • Speech Therapy Social Skills groups
  • Music Therapy integrated sessions
  • Empowering Steps Home School program (which can include a combination of the above)

This survey is intended to help us prioritze our offerings to meet your needs. Help us create a new normal that works for you!

(check all that apply)
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Please rate the following reasons why you would might not be interested in Fall programs
Strongly disagreeSomewhat disagreeNeither agree nor disagreeSomewhat agreeStrongly agree
Risk of COVID-19
Scheduling conflicts
Not satisfied with programming